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Why Choose Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable domain is a blockchain domain name provider and is considered the gateway to the decentralized web. Unstoppable domains allow anyone to purchase a NFT (Non-Fungible Token) on the Ethereum blockchain, giving them full ownership of their domains and controlling what they can do with them.
A San Francisco-based company, Unstoppable Domains, launched in 2018, is building domains on blockchains. The blockchain-based domains replace your crypto addresses with easily readable domains. The company is backed by Draper Associates, Boost VC and funded by the Ethereum Foundation and the Zilliqa Foundation.
Unstoppable Domains offer decentralized domain services. Once users claim their domain to their wallet, they have total control over it, transferring or updating records without unstoppable domain involvement. The domain cannot be deactivated nor changed at will as they would need permission from the user who originally acquired ownership rights on the said domain before changes could occur.
These decentralized domains are a new form of web domain where the owner is in complete control. No third party can arbitrarily take them down or misappropriate private information. No fees, price increases when it comes to renewing domains, and centralized authority means that decentralized domains cannot be subject to phishing scams.
This new service launched by Unstoppable Domains using Cloudflare's Distributed Web Resolver means no matter where you are or what browser you're on, the decentralized websites can be accessed from anywhere. Blockchain sites have been growing exponentially; over 700k blockchain domains have been registered via Unstoppable Domains across the globe.

How Are Unstoppable Domains Built?

In a world where everything is traceable to our digital identity, unstoppable domains are the simplest way of securing your online presence. Unstoppable Domains is the first decentralized domain name system. It's built on CNS - Crypto Name Service - an innovative set of smart contracts on Ethereum's blockchain that governs how domains are created and used.
Unlike traditional DNS systems, CNS has architectural differences that significantly alter the interaction model. Users can easily claim their domain once they have a right on it, there is no need to renew or reclaim them if you decide later down the line to not want it anymore!
Unstoppable Domains is a blockchain project that aims to make the internet decentralized. Unstoppable domains are issued as ERC-721 tokens and can be managed from any compatible wallet, exchange or marketplace through smart contracts on this new protocol for domain naming in crypto.

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How do Unstoppable Domains Work?

Unstoppable Domains is the new, easy way to buy and own your crypto domain. You can use it to send or receive any cryptocurrency payments without worrying about long strings of numbers prone to errors. All you need to receive a payment on this platform is to know your blockchain domain associated with Unstoppable Domain.

How to Search & Register a Domain on Unstoppable Domains?

Go to and type in a name into the search bar on their homepage, if you want to find domains. You can also use numbers or English characters without spaces for now, although this might change later down the road with more types of domain registrations becoming available.
Here are some things you will need from your list when searching:

Here you will see the payment process to obtain a domain on a one-time payment of $40 for the .crypto domain or $20 for a .zil domain.
This domain has already been taken. Check if the domain has cryptocurrency addresses attached, find out whether a website has been set up, or if the owner is listing the domain for sale.
The premium domains with only five characters are more desirable and more expensive, at $80. Domains on Unstoppable Domains are available in several ways; premium domains section available in search on the website through on-chain auctions and off-chain auctions with partners.
Some domains might become available at a later date, you can watchlist!

Buy the Domain!

Well, on the homepage, all you need to do is type an English name into the search bar, and it'll show up on your screen.
But that's not all - there are also different types of domains available for registration now, with more coming soon, so keep checking back if what meets your needs isn't yet available! These are the three main categories:
Basic Domains (type any word or number)
Premium Domain Names (.XYZ)
Geo TLDs (.COM/.US). Add domains to your cart

Buy the DomainSelect Checkout

Choose your preferred payment option among Pay by Card, Pay by PayPal, or Pay by Crypto page tabs.

Why Choose Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable domains has found a way for people to create uncensorable websites and permissionless transfers. To do this, the company uses blockchain domains that are untraceable by registrars. These domain names cannot be taken from you or locked because your wallet is encrypted with self-custody technology, preventing anyone into it - not even ICANN's UDRP arbitration policy!
In the current era of data breaches, privacy and ownership over one's digital assets are paramount. Some forward-thinking people have called for centralized control to be questioned by both regulators and companies alike to maintain a true sense of what it means for something or someone belonging solely under your domain.
The price of Bitcoin has gone up in recent weeks, and it is on pace to break $30k. With this new development, more businesses are looking forward to the future with optimism because they know that blockchain technology will be here for a long time.
The blockchain internet will be more accessible with the new DNS over HTTPS integration. Previously, .crypto domains were only available through plug-ins in a browser, this is not an option for most people worldwide who don't know what to search for or how it works and are unlikely to install them on their device. Your web browser can now be set to treat these domains as traditional domain names worldwide automatically. This means that you don't need to go into your individual browsers extension settings anymore to have access.
Blockchains have a hard time scaling. Unstoppable Domains, an Ethereum blockchain domain registrar and service provider, is now taking steps to address some of the scalability issues by migrating its domains onto Zilliqa's high-throughput shard chains. The company also recently announced that it would be launching another domain extension after .zil: "ETH".

Unique Features You Get While Opting For Unstoppable Domains

Blockchain domains can transfer various assets from one party to another without the need for an intermediary. They are tamper-proof and allow users complete control over their data, blockchain technologies are decentralized, which means they're resistant to computer failures or mismanagement, protecting them against unauthorized access or censorship.
Each block in the chain is encrypted separately, so it's nearly impossible for anyone outside the network, even someone inside a company managing your domain name (who would have access), to make any changes without being detected. Blockchain is built on open-source software, so anyone with knowledge in code development may contribute innovations freely!

Payments – The future of cryptocurrency payments starts with domains. Domains are a cheap and instant payment gateway that can be used anywhere in the world to make purchases from anyone, anytime, without long lines or waiting periods!
You can use domains as a payment gateway for cryptocurrency payments, which are cheap and instant. These transactions happen from anywhere in the world to any other place on Earth - all you need is an internet connection! Domains also allow for privacy because they are decentralized with no bank or government interference custodian - The owner stores blockchain domains. No 3rd party can move or seize them.
No Renewals – You'll never have to pay for upgrades or new versions again. You'll be able to enjoy all the time without ever shelling out a penny, and go right on enjoying your purchase forever.
Transfers – Blockchain domains are being touted as the new solution to escrow agents. They do not require third-party intervention, and you can't find a better way to move your funds and can be exchanged in a matter of minutes from anywhere on this planet.
CoinPayments users can now send and receive cryptocurrencies with their wallet using a domain name for the first time. Users can register an Unstoppable Domain in over 180 countries worldwide to start sending cryptocurrency today!
Uncensored Websites – Blockchain websites can be a great asset to your company as the government and other corporations can not control what you have on your website.
Alternative Root – Blockchain domains are not governed by ICANN and do not require approval from them.
No Custodian – Now, you can have your very own blockchain domain! The owner stores blockchain domains. They cannot be moved or seized, which means they will always stay safe for as long as you keep them, and no one can access that information except the owner.

The Final Thought

Unstoppable Domains is a blockchain domain name provider that provides you with full ownership of your domains by providing NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing anyone to purchase an asset and transfer it without needing an intermediary or being locked out because their wallet is encrypted with self-custody.
It is all about giving liberty through innovation and empowering to own assets online!

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